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In Speed Dating Men Are Still The Hunters - Canada's leading speed dating company for singles 25( has recently unveiled statistics supporting the fact that men, at least in the Canadian Speed Dating world, are still the hunters when it comes to looking for a mate. Press Release Canada's Leading Speed Dating Company 25Reveals Singles' Dating Patterns Canada's leading speed dating company.

Press Release - ITB Convention Over nearly 8 years of speed dating events from across Canada, from people aged 19 to 52, men picked on average 8 women per event, while women picked 5 men. Press Release. January 11, 2017 ITB Speed Dating Day An effective way to network. Senior buyers meet exhibitors at the ITB Speed Networking event.

Inurl Php Press Release Intent Job Both 22 year old men and women chose the most matches on average, with men picking 12 women per event, while the women picked 8 men. Receive press releases from Central Coast Singles By Email. Central Coast Singles will present an "all age" Speed Dating event and dance in San Luis Obispo.

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